DIVA’s creative director Jacquie Lawrence listens in to Sh! Whispers, a new series of erotic audio stories


Rumour has it that Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium – one of Team DIVA’s favourite shops – has started a whispering campaign to encourage women (and their friends) to buy their toys online since Covid-19 has forced the shop to close during lockdown. 

Sh! Whispers are short erotic audio stories written, read and produced by LGBTQI women, each story featuring one of the products on the Sh! website. The idea is that listeners will be encouraged to buy and then further encouraged to enjoy the product while listening to further episodes of Sh! Whispers. 

The two produced so far are saucy and sexy aide memoires to the most popular products: the Sh! Bullet Vibrator and the Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator.

Actor Alicya Eyo reads the “Easter Bunny” story, which will be launched today in time for the Easter weekend.

Alicya Eyo

Alicya, known for roles in Bad Girls, Emmerdale and Different For Girls, says she was honoured to be asked as one of the first readers, telling DIVA: “In these times, I feel it’s important to support other businesses. Especially women in business.

“I’m not ashamed to say that Sh! was and is one of my favourite stores, not just for the obvious, but for the service they have always shown to each and every customer. 

“I hope the stories that you hear not only entertain but remind you that pleasure is a part of us. Especially now! So go get your rabbits!” 

As the initiative grows, the team behind Sh! Whispers will be asking LGBTQI writers to submit their stories and will encourage readers from the LGBTQI acting and presenting community to read them; each story and read will attract a modest fee. 

Ky Hoyle, the woman behind Sh! and the recipient of the DIVA Choice Award at the 2019 DIVA Awards says: “Sh! Whispers proves the quote ‘’When women support each other, incredible things happen’. 

Left to right: Victoria Broom, Stephanie Theobald, Ky Hoyle and Rachel Shelley at the 2019 DIVA Awards. Photo: Getty Images

“I really can’t express how inspired I am by the project, how grateful I am to the talented team of women behind it and how buoyed-up I am by their support!”

Team DIVA have always promoted female-centric stories, especially those that have made the female LGBTQI narrative centre stage and screen, and as Sh! Whispers unapologetically promotes female-centric erotica and provides a stable for writers and actors – whose work is affected by Covid-19 – while actively promoting such an important lesbo-centric business and is a no-brainer for us to get behind. 

So go, brighten up your Easter by listening, buying and enjoying all that Sh! Whispers promise. 

Listen now at sh-womenstore.com/whispers.

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  1. Fantastic to see women supporting women on this amazing journey. Well done ladies!

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