The actor and artist chats exclusively to DIVA about her surprise return to The L Word


L Word fans, listen up! Because we have very special treat for you in our brand new April issue. Not only is Leisha Hailey our stunning cover star, but we’ve also got an interview with the one and only (say it with me)…

Laurel Holloman on…

Her L Word comeback

“It was very scary at first and then also really exciting. It’s kind of like when someone asks you out on a date and you get really nervous.”

What makes Bette and Tina so special

“There are certain dynamics about this partnership and these two women that many people can see a reflection of themselves in.”

Whether Tibette are endgame

“I’m a romantic. I kind of want to see Bette and Tina get back together.”

PLUS Discover the secret to her off-The-Chart chemistry with Jennifer Beals

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11 thoughts on “Laurel Holloman: “I kind of want to see Bette and Tina get back together””

    1. Would love love to see Tina and Bette back together. Offer Laurel Holliman anything she wants to come back, and be with Bette again
      I know all my friends feel the same way, and let them stay together don’t break them up, no one looks better than Tina with Bette. Please ❤️🙏🏻

  1. Tina’s back is definitely my driving power to continue on the belief of tlw

  2. I am a frequent reader of Lesfan stories, why because they have found the answer to Tina calling off the wedding to Carrie and getting back to the love of her life Bette. This is what all warm blooded lesbians dream about and we deserve that dream in the next season. Marja Lewis really needs to make it compelling and strong for these two flushed out characters to come together forever.

  3. They are serious actors!!! Every scene of them together on the screen are all so believable!!! Not to mention the 100% real chemistry between them. Their intimate or sex scenes are all so serious & shot with taste & finesse. Unlike in Generation Q, there this 2 characters portending having intimate sex & the other one started laughing because the other person is about to go down on her!!! So the other partner said “why are you laughing?” Like offended. All of Bette & Tina’s intimate shots are are all serious shots & no laughing matter! That’s why people can’t get enough of them. They act & portray accordingly! Besides on generation those bushy armpits are a very real distraction to people having intimacy, on screen with millions watching!!! I guess it’s ok if only 2 of them are watching!!!

    1. The chemistry between Bette and Tina is also a real chemistry between Laurel and Jennifer. My god these 2 women are made for one and another in real life. Maybe one day they will decide to write a book about their real love story. Event straight person who saw them together are finding their chemistry so incredible. And we dont’t see 2 women together but 2 lovers, and that’s just incredible what Laurel and Jennifer did. They make straight people more tolerant towards gay people. Laurel is really a beautiful woman inside and outside. All is beauty in her : her beautiful face, her charming and enchanting look drive you crazy on her. Never look her in her eyes because you will definitively fall in love with her…..and that’s what probably have happened to Jennifer….

      1. i love ur comment its too late i already did and yes i totally believe they are in love with each other in real life and having an affair behind their partners backs as they are too scared and frightened to come out the closet i am not holding an hope though that bette and tina will get back together though in the show it will air in the summer and im cautious to whether a lot of wincing and throwing things at the tv will help lol

  4. It’s not just an affair it’s not only sexual. It’s a real physical and intellectual chemistry and connection. And a true love story. And of course their love story has never ended despite the years that have passed. Laurel have ate her pain by painting because this love story couldn’t be told especially because they are married with a man and have children so we can understand why they’ve never coming out. It’s complicated to work out without hurting their own family. They are right and very courageous to protect their family. Even if their love story have an impact on Laurel marriage….she separated from her husband one year after, she wasn’t in love anymore with her husband, that’s what she said in an interview. Yes because she was in love with Jennifer so….
    Anyway, they are back together, they are so many things in common, clever, determinate, sensitive, hard-working, and beautiful women, great actress and artist with a great heart.

    1. we could talk about this for a very long time and it would just be going round and round in circles saying the same thing about her and jennifer only they know the real truth about it all

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