The L Word reboot star talks love, sex and joining Gen Q


If you’ve got Gen Q fever, you won’t want to miss our brad new February issue. This month, DIVA’s very own Roxy Bourdillon chats exclusively with one of the gorge new cast members, Arienne Mandi, aka Dani Núñez. We’ll drink to that.

Arienne Mandi on…

Hanging with the OGs

 “I remember Jennifer [Beals] saying, ‘We had our thing. We want you guys to have your own experience, and we’re here if you need anything’.”

Filming sex scenes

“There’s an intimacy coordinator present for every meeting, that you can just rely on to completely be your voice. That’s a really beautiful thing that’s been established in the industry.”

Her own sexuality

“If there were to be anything close to what I feel it would be pan. I accept love in all forms and I give love. It’s just all love.”

PLUS Ari reveals why she knew Dani was the part for her

The L Word: Generation Q premieres in the UK on Sky Atlantic on 4 February

You can read the full interview in the February 2020 issue of DIVA, available now via the links below.

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3 thoughts on “Arienne Mandi: “I accept love in all forms””

  1. I would love to see Bette and Dani have a fling in the L Word Feneration Q. Please make it happen.

      1. The age difference is just too great. A mentor/mentee relationship would be better.

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