And could there be a blossoming lez/bi relationship at the heart of it?


That’s right, there are rumours Atypical will be given a fourth season before the end of 2020 – and we’re totally here (and queer) for it.

The Netflix Original series Atypical follows the story of Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum, as he decides to explore the world of dating. 

One of the things we’ve loved about the series so far is its nuanced representation of Sam. He’s not just a passive character navigated by his neurotypical family and friends, but rather, he has mutual relationships with all of them and regularly informs their worldview. 

Sam isn’t the only one trying to find his way into the world of romantic relationships, however. All characters go through a journey of repairing and/or working towards more functioning bonds. We especially love the storyline of Sam’s sister, Cassey, played by genderqueer, breakout star Brigette Lundy-Paine (below).

In the show, Cassey’s “tomboyish vibes” and her tough but affectionate personality has 💯 stolen our hearts. She’s come on a long way since season one – especially in terms of discovering her fluid sexuality. 

(Season three lez/bi spoiler alert 🚨)

At the end of season three, Cassey begins her first same-sex relationship with her best friend, Izzie – something new and exciting for both characters.

Cassey discovers her attraction for Izzie when she’s in a relationship with a boy, which is conflicting for her. While her relationship is loving and supporting, she knows that she connects to Izzie in a special way that fills her with excitement. She therefore decides to take Sam’s advice about how it’s always better to be honest with one’s self and chooses to explore her feelings for her best friend. 

When the two girls get together things aren’t immediately resolved. Both are still trying to come to terms with their newly discovered identities and they know things might not be so easy for them at first. However, Season three ends on a positive note as Cassey kisses Izzie and reassures her: “I’m not looking for easy.” (Cliffhanger much?)

Fans on Twitter are asking for more of Atypical’s wholesomeness and a season four that develops Cassey’s story, her relationship with Izzie and their mutual dream of reinventing themselves in a city far from home.

Bring on #Cazzie2020. Or should it be Cizzie? Answers on a postcard, please.

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