A fresh lick of (digital) paint for the online resource ahead of February’s jam-packed calendar


Today, activist and founder of LGBT+ History Month, Professor Sue Sanders, tweeted LGBTHM’s newly launched website lgbthistorymonth.org.uk ahead of February’s rainbowlicious roster of events, and people – there’s so much on there.

Aiming to “educate out prejudice and make LGBT+ people visible in all their rich diversity”, the LGBT History Month website is a rich resource for all of those in the community, whether teachers, parents, organisations or those wishing to brush up on the history of their wonderfully colourful community.

What’s new?

One of the most useful features on the new website is the calendar, which allows visitors to track everything going on nationally during LGBT+ History Month – did you know you can even add your own event to the list? That’s right! Any organiser can now reach out to the public and promote their own event in celebration of LGBT+ memory and history.

What events are taking place?

Exciting events to note include the Queering The North project – the first ever museum exhibition dedicated to promoting the queer history of Northern Ireland after its exclusion from the 1967 Sexual Offences Act which legalised homosexuality in Britain.

Did we mention LGBTHM have badges for 2020? Support their work and buy one here!

Are there still resources for teachers?

Absolutely! In the resources section, users can find information directed to educators, students and parents. This section provides clear guidance to teachers wishing to raise awareness about LGBT+ history and prevent homophobia and transphobia in the classroom.

As well as this crucial stuff, this is a space where students from all age groups – as well as their parents – can learn about the rights to an education free of discrimination. 

What’s the theme for this year’s LGBTHM?

This year’s LGBT+ History Month is dedicated to paying tribute to the memorable literary works of those whose queerness has been historically dismissed. Why not check out the website to discover if your favourite authors have made the list?


In an age where more and more young people feel free to come and embrace their diverse identities, it’s incredibly important to provide them with a history that can be reclaimed as their own. We must remember how far we’ve come – and the new LGBT+ History Month site reflects that perfectly. Click away, folks. And happy (almost) LGBT+ History Month! 

LGBT+ History Month takes place during the month of February in the UK. Support their work by buying an LGBTHM 2020 badge here. #LGBTHM2020

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