“It’s rare that a film becomes an instant cult classic, but Season Of Love is an exception to that rule”


Without giving any spoilers away, let me tell you… there was an instant feeling that the UK premiere of Tello Film‘s Season Of Love was going to be special when the audience – including the programmer at the wonderfully welcoming Prince Charles Cinema, London – all arrived wearing Christmas jumpers and Santa hats. #ChristmasComesEarly.

Clearly DIVA didn’t get the memo about the Christmas wardrobe, so we felt a little underdressed on arrival to the Leicester Square venue, but we were soon joyed up by the atmosphere there. The anticipation for Season Of Love really was off the charts – only to be hyped up a notch by a short video featuring the cast addressing their audience. (And what a cast it is…)

Featuring six leading female characters, all either lesbian or bisexual and related by friendship or family ties, we see each going through the holiday season in pursuit of the, “right kind of love, with the right kind of woman.” (Warning: Prepare for your hearts to be broken and mended throughout).

There will be no spoilers here, of course, but with SOL being a Christmas rom-com, you can rest assured that no one is left alone under the mistletoe…

The performances by actors Dominique Provost-Chalky, Jessica Clark, Sandra Mae Frank, Emily Goss, Janelle Marie, Laur Allen, Lily Richards and the rest are stellar and the story is strong enough to deal with some important issues while maintaining a lightness of touch befitting to it’s genre.

This film is pure holiday fun and the premiere UK audience embraced this wholeheartedly – and interactively.

There were cheers and boos at all the right times, a few desperate shouts of, “Just kiss her!”, and not forgetting the large group of “Earpers” (that’s fans of the show Wynonna Earp) who were accompanied by a cardboard cut-out of actor Kat Barrell and enthusiastically sang along with Barrell’s Wynonna co-star, Dominique Provost-Chalky’s wonderfully pure voice.

If you hoped that Season Of Love would be the long-awaited lez/bi version of Love Actually, it’s not – it’s more than that. It’s the lez/bi version of The Rocky Horror Show with a seasonal twist!

Now, before we give it all away, how about going to see it for yourself this Thursday, 28 November 2019 at 3.55pm at the Prince Charles Cinema, London? Bunk off work early, change your date night to a date afternoon or, if you’re single, make your way along and you might just meet your Ms Right…

Whatever you do, pull on your favourite Christmas jumper, Santa hat and bring along some mistletoe – it’s rare that a film becomes an instant cult classic, but Season Of Love is an exception to that rule.

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