Celebrating trans lives across London on Trans Day Of Remembrance


This #TransDayOfRemembrance, the wonderful folk behind Trans In The City, are hosting an event in central London, “in celebration of trans lives with a seismic statement in support of trans individuals.”

With at least 60 different organisations and 20 trans role models taking part, Trans In The City is set to send waves out across London – namely, that trans folk are here, queer and very much a part of our diverse and wonderful community.

With talks from Lord Cashman, CEO of Mermaids Susie Green and Trans In The City’s Bobbi Pickard, panels on mental health and wellbeing, and a screening of Headspace from filmmaker Jake Graf, there’s plenty happening.

Racing driver and LGBTQI advocate Charlie Martin meets DIVA’s Danielle Mustarde at Oxford Circus, London, while on her race through the city to raise #TransAwareness!

Earlier today saw racing driver and LGBTQI advocate Charlie Martin racing across central London to visit 25 different organisations as part of #ChallengeCharlie (spreading #TransAwareness while she was at it).

In fact, DIVA’s Danielle Mustarde managed to meet up with Charlie on route earlier this morning where Charlie’s mascot, the lovely merperson was gifted a copy of the latest issue of DIVA. (Let’s hope the merpeople are fans of Tegan & Sara…)

As well as the events themselves, tonight TITC will reveal their Trans In The City Charter as a way of helping organisations to create inclusive, diverse and welcoming workplaces for everyone in the LGBTQI community.

Fancy finding out more or attending the TITC event this evening? Click here to find out more this #TransDayOfRemembrance #TDOR2019

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