“I have two mummies and a bump”


And just like that, the whirlwind sunshine child has begun her school days without any hesitation – she skipped on in. Typical of this energetic, fun-loving, crazy kid, and we loved how she didn’t look back. After her first day, we asked her what her favourite thing about school was and her reply – “EVERYTHING!” – just sums up her personality to a T.

She still looks so dinky in her little uniform, but her BIG personality makes up for it.

We have also had our first school trip. This is what is called “the WOW trip” and each class at the school is taken to a surprise destination with the same theme. This year the theme was STEM and our biggest kid got to go to Legoland. Mid-kid got to go on the watercress line, which is the steam railway where we go to see Thomas. Super fantastic trips for little ones and they both had a ball. When we asked mid-kid what her favourite thing was about the trip her response was, “Going to the toilet before we left to try for a wee”. Not quite sure that was the goal of the trip, but hey small things are important, right?

As our biggest tiny human started year one, and the tiniest human went back to nursery, I cant lie, I was glad for the routine to start again and to have a breather. I think all parents should get the first week back as a holiday to recover from the holidays! I mean they were hard work! Lovely spending time with them all, but seriously exhausting, although I’m not sure how much of that is pregnancy-related or just having three children age five and under.

Since I couldn’t be in two places at once (I’m good, but not that good) and Lynz had to work, we couldn’t travel with our big kid to her trip and I will admit I felt that motherhood guilt creep in when I dropped her off. I guess I have to accept I’m always going to feel stretched in all sorts of directions for a large part of the foreseeable future. Suck it up, I guess. Thankfully, we have some wonderful friends who looked out for her and shared her day with me. One of the mums shared with me a lovely conversation she overheard her daughter and our big kid having.

G: “I have two mummies and a bump.”
C: “A bump?”
G: “Yes, my mummy has a baby in her tummy. I have two mummies and a bump.”
C: “Two mummies?”
G: “Yes.”
C: “That’s nice. You’re lucky to have two mummies.”


“And that’s it, right there – just as simple as life should be!! Five year olds in action.”

I love the simplicity of children’s minds and also this parent’s outlook. I’ve said before all we have been met with as parents in this school is positivity and I so hope it doesn’t change. If only everything in the world was thought of with this simplistic approach, the world would be a better place.

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