The new video for hand solo is a self-pleasure spectacle


Marika Hackman has just dropped her new music video for hand solo, and oh wow, it’s pretty sexy. This liberated queer lady has really treated us with this tune all about female masturbation. 

Featuring the brilliant line: “under patriarchal law, I’m going to die a virgin,” hand solo praises female masturbation and showcases some verrrrry interesting visuals, which are definitely not safe for work. 

Last month, Marika Hackman invited her fans to share stories of times that they have felt shame associated with female self-pleasure. Using these stories, Marika has prompted a conversation around this “taboo” topic. 

The music video was directed by Sam Bailey and the pair worked closely with Evie Fehilly – a sex educator who runs sex-positive workshops in London at the female-focused sex shop SH!

Marika said of the video: “I wrote hand solo as a bit of light-hearted relief, a wank anthem for women everywhere. I loved the idea of playing on old wives’ tales about the dangers of masturbation and pushing the boundaries about what is socially acceptable.”

“I met Sam and we came up with this playful, tongue-in-cheek idea about hands all over the world masturbating on everyday objects, and even places, and eventually the world. The hands were directed by the wonderful Evie Fehilly, a sex educator who runs sex-positive workshops in London at the famous sex shop SH!.”

“Despite the video being quite fun, I wanted to make a serious point at the end, after the world explodes in its orgasm, that masturbation is still for many women perceived as something shameful and embarrassing – the moment of shame after the ecstasy.”

“We asked for any female-identifying people to anonymously submit their experiences of shame relating to masturbation, and we received so many heart-breaking and heavy stories. I hope that when people see these accounts, they can relate and realise that there’s no shame in masturbation.”

DIVA agrees with you, Marika. 😉 Check out the saucy video for hand solo below and prepare to be blown away. 

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