There’s a sexy new teaser in town and – trust us – you’re going to want to see this


Oh L Word, you truly are spoiling us. First, you release an epic reboot trailer including shots of Bette running for mayor of LA, Alice killing it with her own talk show, and Shane still looking very Shane today after all these years.

And now, you’ve only gone and got me all flustered once again with yet another teaser for The L Word: Generation Q.

The brand new footage is sizzling. Thank Goddess the show hasn’t lost sight of what’s really important when it comes to LGBTQI representation – that we get to see our gals getting it on.

In some ways, nothing much has changed. Shane is, as ever, seducing hotties left, right and on her own private jet. (That’s right, Shane’s wadded now.) Alice and Bette are still adorable and hilarious, teasing Shane about her lezthario ways, and getting hot and heavy with new paramours of their own.

But we’re also treated to glimpses of some fresh faces and new characters on the block. Sarah, played by Easy star Jacqueline Toboni, appears to be getting some action of her own, as we see her disrobed, legging it from a lover’s bedroom. Could she be the baby dyke version of Ms McCutcheon? I’m here for it.

Micah, played by actor and trans activist Leo Sheng, asks out his crush and gets so nervous he smashes a chair through the nearest window. Don’t worry honey, we’ve all been there.

And Nat, played by Stephanie Allyne, just wants someone to feel like part of her family. Aw, Nat, welcome to our family! And Micah and Sarah, and every last one of the OG’s new love interests!

As Showtime says, “Love is Life”, and The L Word:Generation Q is almost here, queers. 8 December can’t come soon enough.


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