Soak up the last of the rays with your bae and organise one of these cute date ideas with a queer twist


Want to still have fun in the sun on your dates? Looking for an excuse to sensually slather suncream all over your significant other’s back?

Well, don’t you worry. We have some great ideas for you. It’s time to get outside with your lucky gal and woo her in the sunshine – before it’s all gone.

Bike ride

Channel your inner Elio and Oliver and go on a bike adventure if you’re the outdoorsy type.

Make sure you pick somewhere with a view prettier than her, that you can have a romantic moment in front of, to make it super date-worthy. 


Beach trip

Take your bae to the beach for a frolic and have a dip in the sea if you’re feeling brave. You could even wear a rainbow swimsuit to get in the queer spirit. This one’s pretty snazzy…

Who remembers Channel 4’s queer sitcom Sugar Rush? Maybe head to gloriously gay Brighton and get some ice-cream to lick on the pier, as shown below, and enjoy your sunny date day together.

For extra romantic vibes, stay until the sunset – the perfect excuse for a snuggle and a smooch.



It’s a cliché, but of course a picnic in the park with your bae is a fab way to enjoy the sun. 

Pack some of your queer snack staples. Hummus? A Greggs vegan sausage roll? Whatever ya fancy – but make sure she fancies you a little bit more.


Iced coffee

Queer culture at its finest. We know you drink it all year long, but it’s perfect in the summer.

It’s definitely true that all queer people love iced coffee. There’s a steady flow of memes and jokes about the queer community’s appreciation for it to support our thinking here. 

There’s no better feeling than sipping on that cold caffeine and getting your fix. Even better when you’re getting a fix of lady-loving at the same time.

Outdoor cinema

Bonus points for this one if it’s a queer film.

What’s the point of sitting inside a dark cinema for your date when you could be under the stars? We recommend catching The Favourite at Hatfield House if you fancy some queer drama/comedy set in the 18th century (tickets here). It didn’t get all those Oscar nominations for nothing…

Whether it’s on a rooftop or in a park, get yourself some popcorn to share with your girl, sit back and relax in the sweet summer air.

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