“An interesting and very watchable exploration of the entertainment industry”


Having spent the last couple of weeks enjoying the amazing variety and hugely diverse talent within the Fringe, mainstream television and radio seems so bland in comparison.

Pop stars, actors and shows all seem cloned – as if they have all adhered to a particular checklist. The Struggling Life Of An Artist is almost a parody of this world and addresses the internal debate many experience when deciding between artistic integrity and commercial success.  

A struggling actor and an aspiring horror writer take us with them as they decide whether to stay true to their morals or forfeit their integrity to fit in with what the opportunities demand from them. Olivia is told her work is fantastic and “all we have to do is change your name” as “when you think horror, you don’t think female writer”. 

Jessica is reminded it is her body and not her ability that counts as she is told advised more skin will be “good for the intimate scenes.”

It is an interesting performance but lacking perhaps in real originality.  I would have loved a deeper look into the more modern challenges facing aspiring artists. Nepotism perhaps, where the offspring of the rich and the famous take the opportunities that working class artists can only dream of. 

The rise of the “influencer”, famous only for being famous with little talent other than sticking up regular Instagram posts. Reality TV forcing artists to become clones and act in a certain way to fit in with the show. This might have added a bit more depth and interest to the overall performance.

Overall though, very watchable with some humour and a chance to watch two young performers as they work to build their careers. 



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