After waiting (not so) patiently for 10 years, we finally have an air date for The L Word: Generation Q


Clear your calendar – The L Word: Generation Q is coming 8 December 2019. Theres been tons of anticipation surrounding the reboot over the past few months, but now we know for sure that Christmas is coming a few weeks early this year. 

Our favourite lady-loving ladies are back to provide some queer content as an excuse for cosy nights cuddled up on the sofa with your queer pals this winter. 

It’s officially been confirmed that The L Word: Generation Q will air on Showtime at 10pm, so we’re not sure what that means for us fans in the UK. Will we have to stay up all night waiting? Shall we book a plane ticket to the USA now? 

All we know is we will be taking all measures necessary to see it as soon as possible. We’ve been waiting 10 long, long years. 

We did think it was coming in the autumn, but it’s not all bad that it’s coming a bit later – now we’ve got a bit more time to squeeze in one more binge of all the old episodes! 

The new season is still created by Ilene Chaiken, but she is joined by new show-runner Marja-Lewis Ryan. 

At a panel for the Television Critics Association, Chaiken and Ryan spoke about how the new series will address issues facing the LGBTQI community in 2019. 

Generation Q will fit with the greater understanding we now have of identities and sexualities than most people did back when the show first ran from 2004 to 2009. 

As a whole, the world is still truly difficult for LGBTQI people to navigate, and the show will reflect the reality of the world we live in now. 

Jennifer Beals stated that in 2004 “non-binary was a mathematical term rather than part of the lexicon in today’s discussion of gender identification and sexuality”.

Ryan also said that she wants it to be “an aspirational queer narrative”. In the same way the original series helped queer people learn to accept who they are and find a community, the new series will include more queer experiences to open the show up to more queer people from marginalised backgrounds. 


Here’s quick rundown of everything we’ve got so far so we’re all up to date: 

  1. There’s going to be eight super queer episodes.
  2. Jennifer Beals (Bette), Leisha Hailey (Alice), and Katherine Moennig (Shane) are back playing their original roles.
  3. New cast members Arienne Mandi, Leo Sheng, Jacqueline Tobani and Rosanny Zayas are set to bring more inclusivity to the show.
  4. We’re still madly in love with Shane and we’re gonna have a whole new batch of baby gays to fight off to be with her.
  5. December 8 cannot come soon enough. 🌈

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