In the brand new interview, Kristen Stewart chats films, relationships and paranormal experiences


Kristen Stewart is Vanity Fair’s September cover star, bringing high levels of queer power to the Style issue. Not only that, the interview is a personal one, where she reveals lots about her fears and the progression of her career. 

The stunning pictures show K Stew in a bright pink Chanel number and a background to match. Surely we’re not the only ones wanting it framed? 

We’ve been blessed with an array of images that show Kristen looking as cool and sultry as ever. She rocks the likes of Gucci and Saint Laurent with ease – proving that she really can pull off anything. 

Of course, lots of the interview focussed on the Charlie’s Angels reboot, set for release in November. She plays Sabina, a Park Avenue heiress turned international spy with a weakness for chasing bad guys, and she stars alongside Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska.

The trailer shows that Kristen’s character wears a platinum blonde wig that conceals her asymmetrical crop. Dare I say our favourite K Stew look?  

When speaking about the film, K Stew says that this is a movie about “women at ease”. It sounds like the reboot we all need and the perfect role for Kristen to show off the talent she has when it comes to her funny side.

The way she is described in the interview is exactly how we always imagined K Stew would be. A sultry, charming goddess who messes with her hair a lot. 

“She signals with her forehead or a messy flip of her hair, conveys apprehension through the stiff energy stored in her shaded or the round attitude of her chin. Her green eyes are searching – their undertow puffy – her sonic delivery is low-key and annotative.” 

Now, onto the question we’ve always wanted to know the answer to. What does K Stew seek in a lover? Well, she told Vanity Fair, “I only date people who complement me”. 

This is sadly the only bit of gossip she revealed about her relationship in the interview, but it’s enough to keep us feeling “like so gay, dude”. 


However, K Stew did bring girlfriend Stella Maxwell to the shoot with her. Along with recent pictures where they were spotted kissing, this comes as some solid confirmation that they are back on. 

We’re super happy for the pair and can’t wait to see Kristen in Charlie’s Angels. 

You can read the full Vanity Fair article here to get the goss. 🌈

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