“Rehearsal is getting ready for life, dancing is living it”


A new revolutionary and glamorous TV show has already hit many of our screens, people! So, what are you waiting for? If youre not already onboard the Pose train, kick back and get watching the first season.

The established uber-producer-writer-director Ryan Murphy has blessed us with his latest show that will indeed make history with the largest transgender cast ever on TV.

Set in the ’80s, the show follows the troubled times in New York, showcasing the ball culture scene at the forefront.

If youre contemplating watching the show, here are three reasons you should eyeball this series. Yes, literally eyeball!

So, get ready to strike a pose!

1. Characters

The series explores a number of different characters, who all have their own story to tell along the way. In the opening scene, we are introduced by Elektra Abundance, who exudes pure sophistication as a fierce powerhouse. She is the “mother” of House of Abundance and the reigning queen of the ballroom community. The other main characters, Damon, Angel, and Blanca, will stand out on their own as you’ll be exposed to their life of abandonment, sex work, and physical and mental pain. As the audience, you’ll get to know them through their many obstacles and struggles that were present during the ’80s.

2. Ballroom culture

Once Elektra leads her coalition of “children” through a late-night museum heist to steal royal clothing for the upcoming ball, the magnificent ball culture is presented to us. Ryan Murphy captures this brilliantly by reflecting his own life as a prominent young ball voguer. As the beaming lights touch the dance floor, it all begins. And afterwards, you won’t stop voguing for your life!

The ballroom scenes depict the rival houses that compete against each other to win the title of a particular category. You will see the many lengths each party goes through to get the best garment, even if that means getting chased by the police. As you become familiar with the star-studded underground ballroom scene, you’ll start to learn how important the history is surrounding it.

It’s more than just an escape as it’s an expressive act of black queer resistance.

3. Storylines

As the series escalates, we see various emotions ranging from moments of lightness to darkness. Janet Mock’s amazing directorial style brings this all together through the intense and emotional scenes we watch the characters battle through. A major issue the show deals with is Aids. The seriousness surrounding the then-incurable disease is demonstrated in such a powerful way, giving us insight into how much it affected (and still does affect) the LGBTQI+ community.

I would highly request this show for the people in the back, yeah, I see you! Be prepared for a whole lot of drama, humour, and emotion. Yes, you may need a box of tissues nearby… trust me I’m not exaggerating *grabs box of tissues*.

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