The comedian and podcaster revisits her teenage diary


I recently found an old diary I wrote when I was 13. Like most teenage diaries would, it portrayed me in a rather unfortunate light.

Amongst complaints about the girls in my class – and embarrassing amounts of Westlife fanfiction – I made lists. Lists of the sexiest things about Mehmet from my year (eyes, sweat, voice), pros and cons if I ever became famous (pros: journalists ask you questions all the time, cons: the paparazzi) and lists about my life after weight loss.

I was on a constant diet from the age of eight to 21. Every week, after I had failed, I would make a new plan towards the inevitable: me being thin. But we now know that 95% of diets don’t work. That’s how the diet business has become a 70.3 billion dollar industry. I was never going to be thin. Yet my whole life surrounded that. I found a list in my teenage diary called, “When I am thin…” and it listed my new life.

1. I will wear shorts and crop tops.

2. I will have my hair up.

3. When my friends say they like me, I will believe them.

4. I can eat in public.

5. I can have lesbian sex.

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