#PrideWithTheT #TransDayOfVisibility

More than 120 Pride organisations from across the world have signed up to a statement affirming their support for trans people, published today for International Transgender Day Of Visibility.

The “Pride with the T” statement comes after some anti-trans activists targeted Prides in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Untied States, calling for trans people to be excluded from the events.

The European Pride Organisers Association – which launches the statement on its website today – said that “enough was enough” and Prides needed to “stand together against this virulent transphobia, which has no place in our movement”.

The statement reads:

“Fifty years ago, brave trans people stood up to police brutality, political indifference, and widespread hate. They stood alongside their lesbian, gay and bisexual friends and comrades, and said that enough was enough.

Half a century on, and as the current custodians of the Pride movement that sprang from this uprising, we acknowledge our roots and stand on the shoulders of those brave pioneers. We are disgusted and appalled by the visceral hatred and intolerance being targeted at the trans community.

Our Pride organisations are founded on a basis of respect, and we demand that all who come to Pride share our commitment to the equality and human rights of everyone in the LGBTI community.

Those who oppose equality and respect for any section of our community are as unwelcome at Pride as those who oppose equality and respect for every section of our community.

We say again that enough is enough. We are proud to be part of this great movement, and we affirm that our Pride stands firmly With The T.”

Fenia Kirkmali, Human Rights Director for the Association, said: “Trans people were there at the Stonewall uprising 50 years ago, and they have been there to support campaigns for LGB equality ever since. The hatred being directed at the trans community means that Prides and the wider LGB community need to stand up now and say ‘enough is enough’.”

Those adding their name to the statement include Pride organisers in Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, and Sydney. Organisers of this year’s EuroPride in Vienna have also signed.

“The message from the Pride movement is very clear,” said Kristine Garina, President of the European Pride Organisers Association. “Transphobia has no place at Pride, and if you don’t support equality and human rights for everyone in the LGBTI community, then you’re not welcome at Pride.”

The international association of Pride organisers, InterPride, has endorsed the statement, alongside national Pride organisations CSD Deutschland (Germany), Svenska Pride (Sweden), and the UK Pride Organisers Network.

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