Could you help Project Aid’n help make life out of love?

Aid’n, a tool made to help women in at-home insemination with a focus on pleasure and intimacy, is now seeking funding on Indiegogo!

Be a part of the success of a life-changing tool that allows women and same-sex couples the ability to maintain the intimate connection they crave while inseminating in the comfort and peace of their homes.

Project Aid’n was formed last year and it’s mission is to get this product into the homes of LGBTQI women everywhere.

It’s value comes in it’s function: allowing the user the possibility of orgasm while inseminating with the hopes of successful conception.

In simple form, Aid’n is a dildo made of medical-grade silicone making it safe for the human body and easy to sanitize, clean, and reuse with comfort.

The inner cavity of Aid’n has been proprietarily designed to house a small medical tool inside, that holds sperm for the user.

When ready, the user pushes a button situated at the base of Aid’n and it ejects sperm into the receiving partner, hopefully resulting in successful insemination.

The creator of Aid’n, Dione Wren, came up with the idea for Aid’n after researching methods for insemination for herself and her partner and coming up short with products available that allowed for the moment to maintain it’s intimacy.

In the past, same-sex couples have gone to their doctor for insemination or they’ve inseminated at home using a turkey baster – straight from the kitchen drawer – or a sterile metal syringe.

The process is often disconnected, cold, impersonal and prosaic.

Aid’n changes this by offering another way. Using a tool like Aid’n creates the bond that women crave during conception, a moment that many of them have planned for years and spent thousands of pounds to create.

Project Aid’n is looking for backers who understand and believe in the void that has been but no longer needs to exist during at-home insemination.

This product is not a sex toy, it is a life-changing tool that many, many women are longing for and, if we can have anything to do with it, will soon have at their disposal.

Please help Project Aid’n help make life out of love!

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