LGBT Youth Scotland release latest in inclusive sexual health and relationship series


LGBT Youth Scotland, the largest youth and community-based organisation for LGBTQI people in Scotland, has released the latest in their Good Sex Is series …and it’s wonderful.

The new guide, aimed at women who have sex with women, was written in consultation with young people across Scotland and includes a particular focus on pleasure and consent throughout (hurray!)

On top of that, it’s also jam-packed with advice about safer sex practises as well as how to access relevant further resources.

Crucially for younger readers, Good Sex Is manages to use both medically accurate information while being written in plain, accessible language to help people make informed, positive choices about sex.

What’s covered in Good Sex Is…?

🍑 Being inclusive

🍑 Being prepared

🍑 Being safe

🍑 Talking about sex

🍑 Feeling in control

🍑 Types of sex

🍑 Contacts for further support

The focus on pleasure and consent makes it the first guide of its kind in Scotland and was purposefully created in response to young people seeking information they felt they weren’t getting elsewhere.

“I feel like they talk about gay [men] sex and straight sex but they don’t cover lesbian sex – it’s very strange,” one young person told LGBT Youth Scotland.

Another explained that their school had only covered same-sex sex and relationships on one occasion and that it was “very brief” and “not in detail.”

“I feel like they only talked about it because I was there. I felt like the teacher was looking at me the whole time.”

When asked about what they’d like to see in the guide, young people asked for advice on how to talk with partners, and so the guide models clear communication and illustrates consent throughout.

Additionally – in response to frustrations that same-sex health education so frequently fixates on avoiding negative outcomes – Good Sex Is is overtly positive and focused on how to have safe and happy sexual experiences.

Good Sex Is is available in digital and paper formats to improve access across urban and rural communities. To download it click here. To find out more, visit

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