“With queerness proven in 1500 species, I think it’s fair to say we’re all a little queer by nature” 


This years VAULT festival, running until March 17 2019, is jam-packed with amazing LGBTQI inclusive shows.

Every year, VAULT festival showcases so much new and rising talent and this year, I was lucky enough to catch the sold out, one-off show, Queer By Nature

A one-hour, science stand-up comedy show written and performed by Florence Schechter, Queer By Nature was a treat.

With her intelligent and witty humour, Schechter takes down Darwinism, explores the evolutionary advantages of queer sex and shows the failings of the scientists before her who refused to recognise the queer nature of nature itself. 

With flawless timing, our host took opportunities to elevate her jokes when she saw them; actively engaging with the audience throughout.

Her comedy wasn’t limited to jokes either, with some of the most hysterical moments arising through her physical comedy as she acted out various unheard of sex positions that queer animals have mastered. 

Her humour is original and her thoughts are perfectly scientific and in keeping with the social issues faced by the queer community today.

Putting these issues into the context of penguins and lizards engaging in homosexual behaviour, questions regarding gender and whether queer sex is natural, seem all the more bizarre.

It’s one of the most natural things in the world.

What I took away from the show is that once you accept the fact sex is beneficial in so many other ways that aren’t limited to making babies, there’s no reason to argue against queer sex.

With queerness proven in 1500 different species, I think it’s fair to say Florence is right – we’re all a little queer by nature. 

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