Carrie Lyell chats to the singer-songwriter about feelings, fame and forgiveness

Dorothy “Dodie” Clark is a singer-songwriter, bestselling author and internet celeb, who, to most of the millennials in the crowd, will need no introduction at all.

Arguably the most successful DIY artist of recent times, this softly spoken 23-year-old from Epping has built a gargantuan following of adoring fans from her bedroom: 2.6 million of them, to be precise. Dodie’s also had two EPs in the UK top 40 album chart, amassed more than 350 million streams, and sold out iconic London venue the Roundhouse, all with very little in the way of promotion, and before she’s even released an album. And yet, as is the case with many who find fame on YouTube, there will be many of you scratching your heads, wondering who on earth I’m talking about. For you, we’ll go back to the beginning. This is a story all about how a young woman’s life got flipped, turned upside down.


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