Fare thee well #20GAYteen, hello #20BIteen



Ever since Hayley Kiyoko – aka Lesbian Jesus – declared 2018 the year of the gays, quite literally, #20GAYteen, bi+ folk have taken it upon themselves to declare this new year #20BIteen.

And as it happens, it looks to be another promising year for us queer folk…

So, here are nine things to look forward to, people to be aware of and things to enjoy in all of their queer glory this #20biteen.

The release of Rafiki 

When we say we literally can’t wait to see this, we truly mean it. Rafiki, a film originally banned in Kenya due to its “intent to promote lesbianism”, follows Kena and Ziki, two young women who’s friendship quickly turns into love. Can’t. Wait. 

Hayley Kiyoko performing on Valentine’s Day 

Fancy a quick trip to Stockholm to see this queer icon strut her stuff? Just in case you can’t, she’ll be in the UK early February, but don’t sleep on this one…

The (tentative) release of Happiest Season

It stars Kristen Stewart. Not that we need to say anymore, but here you go: the queer holiday film of your dreams. Announced last year around Christmas time, it’s expected the (make your Yuletide gay-shaped) film will be released in December of 2019. Christmas wish, anyone?

LGBT History Month 

Taking place in February, LGBT History Month is all about thinking about the past — the people that paved the way for where we are now. Its an opportunity to share the history of gay rights and the civil rights movements and also a time to confront the issues that we still face.

Pride In London

Nipple tassels and glitter galore. This year’s Pride In London takes place on the 6 July 2019 – and we can already feel the underboob sweat. The Cardiff and Manchester parades will take place in August, Birmingham’s is in May, and Glasgow’s in July, just to name a few.

Amandla Stenberg 

This year alone they gave us a lot — from a stellar performance in The Hate U Give to coming out as gay earlier in 2018, we can’t wait to see what this 20-year-old badass gets up to next.

Janelle Monáe… Just being Janelle Monáe 

We’re not sure exactly how you top vagina pants, but we know this woman has got a lot of things up her (vagina pant) sleeves for 2019…

Season two of Killing Eve 

Whether you love her or hate her, this psychopath totally has the hots for Sandra Oh (and who can blame her, eh?). Insane assassin or not, Villanelle is unapologetically queer and we’re really, really into that (minus the killing).

Kyrsten Sinema being sworn in as senator 

Alright, alright… This already happened. But how could we leave it out? Not only was Kyrsten the first openly bisexual elected to senate, but she was sworn in by (openly anti-LGBT) Mike Pence — and looked him in the eyes the whole time.

Happy new year, DIVAs 

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  1. I was under the impression that February was Black History Month and that LGBT History Month was in October…?

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