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As a celebration of diversity and inclusiveness, the Illinois Office of Tourism introduces its new Amazing For All campaign, welcoming everyone to experience the places and people that make Illinois amazing!


The new initiative builds on the momentum of Illinois Tourism’s successful, 2017 LGBTQ campaign and encourages travellers to take a vacation from the ordinary, explore the state, and hashtag their experience with #AmazingForAll.

“Illinois is one of the first states in the Great Lakes region to target LGBTQ travellers. Our message is clear, everyone is welcome here in Illinois,” said Cory Jobe, director of Illinois Office of Tourism.

“We’re proud of all the amazing experiences Illinois has to offer and we want the LGBTQ community to know we see the amazing in everyone who comes to visit.”

The new initiative also marks the beginning of a much broader international diversity campaign.

“The diversity of Chicago and Illinois reflects the diversity of our shared world and we have always and will always value visitors from both near and far,” added Jobe.


Amazing For All consists of a portrait and video series that ties together Illinois’ amazing LGBTQ community with amazing experiences, sites, attractions and destinations.

Amazing For All features new digital and social content illustrating the excitement Illinois locals have about welcoming LGBTQ visitors from across the world. To view the new Amazing For All video, click here.

The campaign will also feature a new art sculpture in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood this summer, created by Chicago artist Matthew Hoffman. Hoffman is the beloved artist and designer behind You Are Beautiful, a project that aims to better the world in little ways.


His uplifting public pieces have been exhibited around the world. Taking a picture with the art installation will become a must do for LGBTQ visitors in Chicago and anyone who wants to communicate that they value diversity and inclusion.


To learn more about Amazing For All and find more travel inspiration click here. #AmazingForAll



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