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Comedian, TV host and queen of the celesbians, Ellen DeGeneres never fails to brighten up our lives. She’s just turned 60 (a very happy birthday to you, your royal gayness) so in celebration, we’ve picked out eleven of our favourite ever Ellen moments for you to turn to whenever you need a cheeky pick-me-up.

1. Ellen takes Oprah grocery shopping and gets giddy about melons

2. Ellen plays Who’d You Rather with Demi Lovato and Demi goes all heart-eyes for KStew and Rihanna (and who can blame her?)

3. Kate McKinnon does Ellen in front of Ellen – just joyful

4. Obama and Ellen have a little boogie

5. Rebellen – the rap duo you didn’t know you needed in your life until now

6. Ellen does her best Sofia Vergara

7. Ellen has a bubble bath of bling with Taylor Swift

8. Ellen goes carolling with Britney Spears and we wish they’d knock on our door

9. Ellen gets her prank on and scares the bejayzus out of A-listers

10. Ellen has a Pixar-off with Tom Hanks

11. And then there are those times when things don’t quite go to plan

BONUS: We’ve shown you ours, now take a look at Ellen’s own best bits…

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