Daye are revolutionising the game with their Diagnostic Tampon


Vagina owners, we have a problem. We’re more likely to contract STIs than cis men, but less likely to show symptoms. Left untreated, STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhoea are leading preventable causes of infertility and ectopic pregnancies. 

The solution? Daye is expanding its revolutionary Diagnostic Tampon to provide you with at-home vaginal screening for STIs. These tampons will be able to test for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, Trichomonas, herpes, mycoplasma, and ureaplasma all from the convenience of your home. 

Unlike a traditional STI swab, the Daye tampon has a much wider surface area to collect a sample, making it more accurate. After your sample has been tested, you will then receive easily accessible explanations of your results on your phone via the healthcare dashboard. This dashboard also allows you to access consultations, prescriptions, treatments and aftercare. 

Daye is big on aftercare and will be there every step of the way afterwards to help you understand your results and what to do next. 

Valentina Milanova, founder of Daye, said: “Despite living in a world where over a million people get an STI every day, post COVID-19, STI testing has chronically low rates, and as a result, many women and AFAB individuals could have an infection unknowingly because they have no symptoms.”

“Our STI Diagnostic Tampon makes STI testing extremely easy, comfortable and discrete. We hope our approach will end the ‘STIgma’, revolutionise STI testing and lead to a dramatic uptick in the number of women getting checked, helping them protect their long-term health and fertility.”

Daye have been changing the game with their tampons since their launch. They have changed the period industry with their CBD tampons designed to soothe your cramps to stop them getting in your way. Trusted by over 100,000 people, Daye is revolutionising tampons. 

Their new STI-diagnostic screening tampons follow their previous At-Home Vaginal Microbiome Screening tampons. This non-invasive technique helps you understand your risk of vaginal infections like thrush or BV, STIs, fertility implications, and other gynae health. 

Regular screening for STIs is vital to protect your health. Get your Daye diagnostic tampons today by clicking the link here:

DAYE has launched a week-long Black Friday offer from the 20-27 of November, which will offer customers 25% off a vaginal microbiome screening kit! Use the code FRIDAYE to get yours now.

The release of this new Diagnostic Tampon follows clinical trials with 600 patients.

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