On this week’s DIVA Dating Digest, we have a look at how this Good Morning America anchor found her boo


Robin Roberts is best known as being the anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America and was a sportscaster on ESPN for 15 years. The national treasure has been coupled up with her boo Amber Laign – known to Robin as “Sweet Amber” – for over 15 years! The pair tied the knot earlier this year, leaving fans with hearts full of queer joy. 

Join us on this week’s DIVA Dating Digest as we look at this couple’s love story.

2005: The pair go on a blind date 

On a 2014 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Robin revealed that the pair had actually been set up on a blind date back in 2005. “She’s been right there beside me every step of the way,” Robin gushed in the interview. 

In 2020, Robin reposted Amber’s private Instagram post where she revealed some more details about their meeting. “15 years ago I met you for drinks on a blind date that both you and I tried to cancel … twice,” Amber wrote. “Your grace caught my eye right away and the ease of the evening continued to flow through dinner.” 

The rest is history! 

December 2013: Robin hard-launches their relationship 

On 29 December 2013, Robin posted an update to Facebook about her recovery from her life-saving bone marrow transplant. Within this post, she thanked a number of family members for their support during her recovery, and also publicly thanked Amber for the first time. “I am grateful for my entire family, my long-time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together,” she wrote in the caption. 

April 2014: Robin opens up about their relationship in her memoir

In her 2014 memoir entitled Everybody’s Got Something, Robin opened up about her relationship with Amber. “Mutual friends set us up on a blind date,” Robin wrote. “I liked the fact that she had no idea who I was. She rarely followed sports, so she never saw me on ESPN, and her office mates at the time watched a different morning show … ouch!” 

She also disclosed that Amber had been a rock for her during some of her hardest battles such as losing her father and her battle with breast cancer. 

26 July 2020: Robin Roberts and Amber Laign celebrate their 15th anniversary

To celebrate 15 years of being together, Robin made Amber a collage of their love story together through photos. She reposted Amber’s Instagram showcasing the demonstration of their love. “RR had this printed with my favourite song in the centre onto a canvas that will soon hang over my desk,” Amber wrote in the caption.

“Having you by my side is a gift as we continue to navigate this thing called life. I drive you crazy…I know which is why I love you even more to this day. You have the kindest heart and most beautiful soul than anyone I know. You have shown me time and time again to stay humble and to always treat others with the utmost respect as you never know what one might be going through.” Is someone cutting onions or has this brought a tear to our eyes? 

8 September 2023: The pair tie the knot 

After announcing in January 2023 that they were going to get married, the pair revealed that they proposed with “calamari rings” to each other. They had a beautiful intimate ceremony, and their dog even wore a bow tie! We can’t wait to keep seeing the couple’s content from these two. 

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