We want to raid the White Lotus star’s wardrobe ASAP!


Aubrey Plaza, the actress and comedian who’s defrosted our souls with her deadpan style
and roles in Funny People and Scott Pilgrim VS the World. She is also always serving some
of the most amazing looks, further proving DIVA’s point that not only this week, but
throughout the year we should be making sure bi people are ultra visible, especially for their
amazing fashion and keeping up with the trends. So, cuff your jeans and stab a needle
through your nose and let’s jump right into Audrey Plaza being the bi-con that she is!

First up, we have got to love a queer person continuing the fight for equality and using her platform to make some noise!

Oh hi there! Just Aubrey casually making autumn leaves turn to butterflies.

Ruby Red queen being at the top of our top 100!

Oh my goodness, women in suits are still majorly underrated!

And again! A perfect blend of masc and femme…Or just incredibly stunning!

The drama of this dress is giving the same drama of every awards show! I love it!

Bi-conic witch

It’s giving such sweet vibes, as if we’re gonna collect berries and go for mountain walks

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