The Swedish singer has captured our hearts and headphones


If you haven’t been able to get Cha Cha Cha out of your head since the Eurovision final, you’re not alone. This year’s singing extravaganza was held in the M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool, and saw the usual Croatian old men singing about dictators, a German rock band in red latex, and of course Mel Diedroyc churning butter.

But the winner of the night – and our hearts – was Swedish singer Loreen with her belter Tattoo. We knew from the moment we laid eyes on her impressively long acrylics that we were obsessed.

Here’s why our 12 points go to Loreen.

She’s the only woman to win Eurovision TWICE

Loreen is pretty much Eurovision royalty at this point. She represented Sweden in 2012 in Baku with her song Euphoria which gained a total of 372 points. The song even charted number three on the UK Official Singles Chart which is pretty unheard of for a Eurovision entry. We know we’ll be playing Tattoo on repeat for the next few weeks…

She’s a bi icon

Coming out in 2017 on Swedish television, she announced that: “Many are too damn focused on sex, sexuality. Love is so much more. I usually say ‘love is where you find it’. That makes you bisexual? Yes, actually. Then I may say that I’m there, simply.”

We love you Loreen. 

Those nails

Among the madness of fireworks and interesting outfit choices (Hatari we’re talking about your masks!), we could not keep our eyes off Loreen’s nails! We’re going to need a nail care routine asap!

She can belt a song

It’s no surprise that Sweden got 583 points this year – Loreen’s voice is unmatched. And she’s just released an acoustic version of Tattoo which means you can add another song to your playlist. 

Her interview answers

When asked by ITV news about how she celebrated her win she replied: “Oh darling, I’m not a party chick. I’m the most boring person you’ve ever seen!” Her laugh is quite simply contagious. Let us be your best friend! 

Her style

Just when we didn’t think we could crush any harder, her wardrobe is second to none. She can rock it all: baseball caps, leather jackets, red latex jumpsuits, and of course her Dune-esque look for the final itself. 

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