You can donate to raise funds for the world premiere in June 


Rena Brannan, writer and executive producer of SHUTTERS, has drawn from her own lived experience as a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles in the 90’s to create this lesbian rock opera. Set against the backdrop of world events, the piece traces the lives of three lesbians over twenty years, from their humble idealistic beginnings to their naïve longing for the perfect relationship. 

The protagonist, Saving Liz, is a young, idealistic punk rocker who wants to change the world through her music, and as the show progresses, she navigates the joys, struggles, and complexities of life as a queer woman. 

Rena says, “I wrote SHUTTERS for my younger self…because I wished a show like this existed when I was younger.”

Rena Brannan and her team have recognised the importance of lesbian visibility and representation, which is why they chose to premiere SHUTTERS in London during Pride month, 6-24 June. By showcasing the experiences and challenges faced by queer women, and the significance of queer spaces, Rena aims to highlight the value and worth of investing in queer stories and queer communities. SHUTTERS serves as a celebration of lesbian identity and a testament to the power of representation in media, allowing queer audiences to see themselves authentically portrayed on stage. 

This year sadly most of the funding for SHUTTERS was cut. But Rena Brannan and the rest of her team’s enthusiasm is contagious, they haven’t given up staging this amazing piece of queer theatre. That is why they are turning to the community and asking LGBTQIA folk and allies to support SHUTTERS by donating to their fundraiser. This lesbian visibility week especially, Rena Brannan wants the lesbian community to: 

“Come and show all the “Nay Sayers” that lesbians want to support lesbian spaces and lesbian businesses.” 

SHUTTERS: A lesbian Rock Opera is on sale now at The Omnibus Theatre Clapham from the 6- 24 June, tickets are available here. You can also donate to the fundraiser here. 

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