She shares her insights on style, sexuality and her upbringing


Patricia Field is a gay American costume designer who is a legend in the LGBTQIA community. Born in 1942, she spent her life following her instincts and this led to a successful career in fashion. Pat became a prominent figure in New York nightlife, and was associated with other legends like RuPaul and Debby Harry. Her style and creativity clearly continue to inform her work, and she will be releasing a book called Pat In The City on 14 February that details her extraordinary life. DIVA was lucky enough to interview her in anticipation of this, and we have a short teaser for you…

Here’s what Pat had to say on…

Her new book

“You know, if you asked me to do clothes for a TV show or a movie, it’s like, okay, fine, no problem. I’ve done it and done it. This was something new. I was excited about the challenge.”

Her childhood

“I was very similar to how I am as an adult. I had my own mind and because of that I developed, even as a child, my own thoughts, my own style and so on.”

The key to great style

“Present yourself in an interesting, intelligent way; then people notice.”

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