Unable to get away this summer? Here are some series you can binge instead


The summer months are the perfect time to catch up on that TV show you’ve been meaning to binge for a while. If you’re unable to go abroad this summer, a new series can be the perfect way to unwind and transport yourself to a new country, with the added bonus of exciting new characters. From Sweden to France, America to Spain, the world (and your Netflix account) is your oyster. So, without further ado, here are five international shows featuring incredible LGBTQI characters to fall in love with this summer.

Love & Anarchy

Netflix’s latest Swedish romantic-comedy, Love & Anarchy, is the perfect easy watch for the summer. The show’s second season was released in June as we continue to follow the trials and tribulations of our favourite publishing house, Lund & Lagerstedt. Despite the show predominantly revolving around on-again-off-again couple Max and Sofie, Denise is without a doubt a standout character who really comes into her own in season two. Probably the most put-together in the company, Denise’s relationships and queerness is explored much more in the show’s recent episodes, making her feel like an even more rounded character beyond her constant attempts to fix the mistakes of the publishing house’s more questionable employees. 


If you liked the first few seasons of Riverdale and fancy a fun Spanish alternative, Elite is the show for you. Over the Netflix show’s five seasons, there have been multiple queer characters. Despite Ander and Omar being an original favourite couple amongst fans, Rebeca and Mencía’s relationship, beginning in it fourth season, has seemingly taken top spot. Full of fast-paced drama, intrigue, romance and murder every season, Elite is perfect if you just want to sit back and follow the wild plotlines of the show’s student protagonists.  


Casey and Izzie from Atypical are arguably one of the principal reasons to watch the show. Though the Netflix series’ fourth and final season aired back in 2021, there’s no reason why you can’t give it a rewatch now or, even better, watch it for the first time if you haven’t already. Following Casey’s brother Sam’s experiences with autism, both characters blossom over the course of the series, with Casey in particular becoming more confident in her sexuality and gender identity. Her romance with Izzie is beautifully portrayed and only adds to an already great progression in her character’s journey.  

Call My Agent!

French drama, Call My Agent!, is fun, uplifting and contains arguably one of the best lesbian characters on this list. Andréa is determined, hilarious and probably the principal reason why the show’s focal talent agency manages to stay afloat. Over the course of the show, Andréa goes from being a frequent party goer to a parent, with her consistent humour, tumultuous relationships and charisma making her arc even more enjoyable to watch. You can watch the entirety of Call My Agent! on Netflix. 

We Are Who We Are

We Are Who We Are is an American series set in northern Italy, following the lives of multiple teens whose parents work on a US army base. Available to watch on BBC iPlayer, the eight-episode series focuses on a coming-of-age driven plot, with a primary exploration of friendship and queer relationships. The show is beautifully filmed and reminiscent of Call Me By Your Name, which is no surprise given that it was directed by Luca Guadagnino. Through the portrayal of Fraser’s two mothers, Sarah and Maggie, and his best friend Caitlin’s contention with their gender identity, We Are Who We Are explores LGBTQI stories with nuance and care.

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