“They all need our immediate and ongoing help. And LGBT+ Ukrainians are feeling particularly vulnerable”


All Out is an organisation on a mission to create a world where no one has sacrifice their family, freedom, safety or dignity because of who they are or who they love. Today the charity has launched a fundraiser to fund groups on the ground in Ukraine and neighbouring countries helping people fleeing the war.

For the last two decades, Putin has made his feelings on LGBTQI people clear and has campaigned to “protect traditional culture” from what he has described as an “onslaught of modern values from the West”.

It has been reported that some trans people are being stopped at the border when trying to flee as the gender markers on their passports or documents do not match their actual genders. Many LGBTQI people fear “Russian Kill Lists”. When crisis hits, people from marginalised groups are often most at risk and it is what we are seeing now in Ukraine.

Matt Beard, Executive Director at All Out has said: “These funds are right now supporting LGBT+ Ukrainians with evacuation, shelter, food, water, medication and legal support. This is happening both inside the country and in neighbouring countries like Romania where I am today.”

“Thousands of people are still being forcibly displaced every day – they are giving up their homes, their livelihoods and everything that is dear to them for an uncertain future as refugees. Thousands of others are deciding to stay, courageously resisting the violent Russian occupation of their country.”

“They all need our immediate and ongoing help. And LGBT+ Ukrainians are feeling particularly vulnerable.”

While times are certainly bleak diary entries submitted by All Out teams on the ground show that there is hope. The teams have reported those who have put aside their personal lives and fully dedicated their time volunteering to support queer Ukrainians. Special programs have been launched, apartments have been rented to provide emergency shelter for queer Ukrainians arriving in Warsaw. This is just some of the many efforts being done to support LGBTQI Ukrainians amidst the invasion.

If you can offer financial support, please donate to the fundraiser here.

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