2021 was filled with fabulous servings of bisexual joy


2021 was an eventful year, to say the least. COVID-19 may have taken over the world and the future looks a tiny bit uncertain, but we were blessed with great LGBTQI content to get us through an intense year of lockdowns. So, without further ado, here are our top #bisexual moments.

Måneskin winning the Eurovision Song Contest

Italian royalty Måneskin took the world by storm in May, winning the Eurovision Song Contest with bisexual anthem ZITTI E BUONI. With two of the four identifying as bisexual, they’ve branded themselves as a sexy bi ABBA. Playing with gender stereotypes, lead singer Damiano David is known for flaunting his femininity. Their latest single, MAMMA MIA, takes Italian tradition and runs with it, with the band bracing for a European tour in 2022. Catch them at O2 Academy Brixton on 6 February.  

Zendaya & Tom Holland confirming their relationship

Need we say more? This lovely pair have been plagued with dating rumours since their first appearance on-screen together in Spiderman: Homecoming in 2017. Snaps of them making out in a car circulated earlier this year, and they were later confirmed to be dating. The couple have been very vocal about dating with a height difference, with Tom liking an Instagram post about short men having “better sex”. Kudos, babe. We see you.

Alice Pieszecki getting a boyfriend on The L Word: Generation Q

Alice Pieszecki has been out as bisexual on The L Word since season one, but her bisexuality was steadily forgotten. She was repeatedly teased for being greedy, and was never seen to stray outside of dating women, identifying periodically as a lesbian. Season two of The L Word: Generation Q changed all that this year, as Alice was given a boyfriend in the form of Tom Maultsby. All season, her outfits referenced the colours of the bisexual flag, and it sparked a great deal of queer joy at DIVA HQ. Go Alice!

Stephanie Beatriz speaking out on Bi Visibility Day

Portraying the iconically bisexual Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Stephanie Beatriz herself identifies as bi. On Bi Visibility Day in September, Stephanie took to YouTube to bust myths about bisexuality, notably debunking the idea that bisexuality is a 50:50 split. Being such a visible figure in the acting world, Stephanie’s activism wields the possibility to change young queer lives.

Loki coming out as bi

After years of being celebrated on Tumblr for being a sexy legend, Loki’s queer legacy was confirmed after he came out as bisexual in episode 3 of Loki on Disney Plus. It seems fitting that The God of Mischief is bisexual, in line with humorous stereotypes about bisexuals being chaotic.

Jon Kent, the new Superman, coming out as bi

More great news for the superhero universe! On National Coming Out Day in November, DC confirmed the new Superman as being bisexual. The son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Jon Kent fell for male reporter Jay Nakamura, and the rest was endearingly queer history.

Adam coming out to his mum in Sex Education

This was just lovely. In series three, Adam goes through a completely new character arc. Comfortably out at school and dating Eric, he is written up as an endearingly oblivious soft boy, leaving his days as the resident school bully behind. Deciding to come out to his mum after months of pretending Eric is a “good friend”, she welcomes him with open arms. N’aw.

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