If Women Were Meant To Fly, The Sky Would Be Pink explores Enid’s life as one of the first women pilots in Africa 


If you’re looking for a podcast to celebrate some inspiring queer individuals this Black History Month, we have the perfect recommendation for you. If Women Were Meant To Fly, The Sky Would Be Pink is the inspirational, funny and moving podcast all about the life of Enid Otun, the first female chief pilot in Nigeria. 

Enid is a Black lesbian now living with her wife and daughter in Norwich, but her life story up until this point is fascinating to say the least. 

Enid overcame shocking trauma during her childhood in Lagos which led to her high flying, trailblazing career. 

Talking about her mental health struggles, the experience of working as a woman in the “man’s world” of aviation in the 80s and 90s and the inspirational mentors that helped her along the away, Enid narrates her story and the challenges she faced in her usual warm, engaging style. She’s always been determined to make a difference, and this brand new podcast is no different. 

In Nigeria, being gay is a question of life or death and Enid could not afford to be out and proud. Eventually she met someone like her and began to accept her sexuality. She’s gained a fighting spirit, learned from years of forging ahead with her career in spite of major opposition, in a time where being Black, female and gay tried to hold her down. 

Enid says: “As the only female chief pilot in Nigeria in the 90s I developed the strength to be myself and not pretend to be straight. My early life was traumatic and no one expected me to achieve anything at all ….certainly not a trailblazing flying career! I hope my story inspires anyone who is striving to reach their goals that it’s worth the journey” 

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