Show off your savviest, social distancing-friendly skills in a bid to take the DIVA Community Crown…


That’s right. DIVA’s new, Facebook-based, online social space – the DIVA Community – are hosting their very own DIVA Does Talent as part of the wider Lesbian Visibility Week event, running from 20-26 April 2020.

What are the rules?

So, what are the rules? Well, you’ll have (no longer than) two minutes to impress our DIVA Community judges with that finest, most fabulous flair of yours – straight from your very own lockdown-shaped stage via social media.

What should my talent be?

Anything you can think of! (That wouldn’t, you know, get you arrested/end up with you/your family/your cat being seriously injured, that is). It could be singing, stand up comedy, juggling, showing off your drag king skills (yes please), reciting poetry, doing a handstand for the full two minutes – whatever you’d like to show off to your fellow (supportive) lez/bi comrades, there’s a space for you.

When’s it taking place?

There’ll be two heats: one on the evening of Monday 20 April and the second on the evening of Tuesday 21 April. From there, the chosen few will progress onto the final heat on Sunday 26 April – the culmination of Lesbian Visibility Week 2020. Not a bad gig, eh?

And remember, it’s all just a little bit of fun. You don’t need to take it seriously (unless you want to, that is…)

How do I take part?

The competition is open to all LGBTQI+ women and non-binary folk – you just need to be a member of the (free) DIVA Community Facebook group and, crucially, to email using the subject line “DIVA DOES TALENT” with your name, suggested talent (attach a video/link if you like) and contact details to take part. Keep an eye on DIVA’s social media and in the Discussion/Announcements section of the DIVA Community group for more details, coming soon.

Join the DIVA Community here today, we’ll stick the virtual kettle on.

Like many businesses, DIVA has been hit hard by the economic impact of coronavirus and we need your help to keep the presses rolling throughout the pandemic. Visit our PayPal fundraising page and give what you can. Your support means the world. // //

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