“Remember that the choice is yours, and you should choose what feels right for you!”


Increasingly more people are choosing to buy donor sperm from a sperm bank, and during the search for the right donor, the inevitable question of what kind of donor profile you would prefer will come up. But what does this mean? And how do you decide? Find the answers in this article.

What is a donor profile?

When a sperm bank approves a new donor, they will create a profile for this donor. The profile has different information about the donor and the choice of either a basic or extended profile will determine how many details you can view.

What is a basic donor profile?

At Cryos International sperm and egg bank a sperm donor with a Basic Profile is registered with a number such as 536, 8457, 12160 etc. In a Basic Profile, you can access basic information about the donor’s race, ethnicity, eye colour, hair colour, height, weight and blood type. Often, you can also get information about the donor’s education and occupation. The Basic Profile is the simplest profile and is a great choice for those who only want the most basic information about the donor.

What is an extended donor profile?

Sperm donors who choose to have an extended donor profile at Cryos are registered with a fictional name/alias such as ALFORD, IB, CLAUD, and DUSTIN, etc. The extended donor profile contains the same fundamental information as the Basic Profile but it also consists of five to six pages of personal information, which the donor has provided himself.

The Extended Profile gives you a better idea of who the donor is as a person, as it includes information about his family background, personality, hobbies and interests. The Extended Profile also includes photos of the donor as a baby or a child, an emotional intelligence (EQ) profile, a handwritten message and a voice recording, so you can hear the donor’s voice.

How do I choose between the two profiles?

There is no right or wrong choice. The choice is personal and the reasoning behind it can be very complex. If you want as much information as possible about the sperm donor and the genetic origin of your future child, then you should probably choose a donor with an extended donor profile. This way you can get enough information about the donor in order to imagine what kind of person you donor is and through the provided child photos, you will be able to try to find a donor who perhaps looks like you and your partner.

If you, on the other hand, want to know as little as possible about your sperm donor, then you should choose a donor with a Basic Profile. By choosing a donor with a Basic Profile you will simply get the most essential information about the donor, which might just be enough for you.

Donor ID Release

When making the profile choice, you will be simultaneously deciding whether to use an ID Release or a Non-ID Release donor. A donor can have a Basic Profile and be either an ID Release or a Non-ID Release donor, similarly he can have an Extended Profile and be either an ID Release or a Non-ID Release donor. This means that the type of profile (basic or extended) is not an indicator of whether you want your child to have identifying information about the donor or not. 

Learn more about the choice between an ID Release and Non-ID Release donor here.

Choose what feels right for you

People can have all kinds of personal reasons for choosing their sperm donor. Remember that the choice is yours, and you should choose what feels right for you!

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