In true lez/bi fashion K Stew is planning to pop the question after just a few months of dating…


As if Kristen Stewart wasn’t already our dream lady, in a recent interview with Howard Stern, she made us want what we can’t have even more.

In the interview, she gushes over her new partner, Dylan Meyer, so hard it’s adorable. She even revealed that she fully intends on marrying her even though the pair were only spotted together for the first time in August.

Kristen and Dylan have known each other for six years, but it was only recently that they reunited at a party. 

When asked if she’s in love right now, K Stew confidently assures Howard Stern that she is. Then, when asked if she feels ready to propose, surprise surprise, she’s certain about that too. 

“I can’t fucking wait. I want to be somewhat reasonable about it, but I think good things happen fast.”

“I have a couple of plans that are like the coolest things to do… it’s pretty undeniable.”

Yes, that’s right – not only does she want to propose, she knows exactly how she wants to do it! Cute, or what?

Kristen also said that she’s “pretty impulsive” so it won’t be a shock if there’s wedding bells ringing for the pair pretty soon. 

K Stew also revealed: “The first time I told her I loved her, it was really late, and we were at some shitty bar. I was just like ‘Oh my God, I’m so fucking in love with you.’ It wasn’t like a thing, it was also so obvious. It just is.”

Dylan is one lucky gal indeed. Stay tuned to see what happens next in our favourite queer romance of 2019. 

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