Never Gonna Let Her Go is your new favourite lez/bi anthem


Katey Brooks is a little bit of DIVA favourite these days, so much so that we’re premiering new single Never Gonna Let Her Go exclusively.

In need of some folksy, bluesy vibes that ooze sexuality? We got you.

DIVA featured KB on Radio DIVA just last year and 2019 is looking like it’s going to be even bigger and better for the Brit singer-songwriter. 

Brookes plays a number of different instruments, has produced several of her own records and has received praise from the likes of Joss Stone for her bold lyrics and flawless harmonies – and she has plenty to say too.

For this upcoming artist, singing is more about heart than head. She wants her music to reach to the most authentic places within her and her audiences. 

Her music demonstrates a complete awareness of herself and the world around her – having faced a number of hardships throughout her life.

Katey grew up in a cult, and has already faced a number of losses in her young life but has always managed to find refuge in her music: “When I sang, I felt free and connected,” Brookes reveals.

With her incredible and effortless range, she defies classification. Her back-catalogue incorporates soul, folk, blues and country and she names Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman as some of her biggest influences. (Great choices, KB). 

Never Gonna Let Her Go is as soft as it is folky, delivered with a sexual sultriness that is truly captivating – this one is all about being true to yourself and rejecting shame. We hear you, girl.

After struggling to come to terms with her sexuality, Katey has said she no longer feels like she has to shy away from singing directly about women – and luckily for us, it’s made her music all the more powerful and passionate. 

So DIVAs, enjoy the new single from Katey – and keep your ears peeled for the release of album, Revolute, due out spring 2019.

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