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KT Coaching is based fully online, working specifically with members of the LGBTQ+ community to be their best selves mentally and physically. I work to get my clients out of unhealthy habits that no longer serve them and into new ones…

That allow them to live a life on their terms.

This is where the Break to Build Programme comes in.

I work to not only get people physically fit, but also work to install a solid mentality behind that, meaning that self doubt, zero confidence and feeling like you cannot be yourself is something we work together on to eradicate.

This is a physical training programme but it’s so much more in the way of weekly trainings covering a range of topics such as lifestyle, nutrition, mindset to ensure that it’s totally doable and fits within your lifestyle.

These are all housed on a private platform with other members on the team meaning you are part of a true community of like minded individuals.

I education you on how to fuel your body correctly, not use food as comfort or feel like you “have to work it off”.

With access to not only myself and my knowledge (through our 121 comms channel) but guest speakers who are experts in their fields of Sleep optimisation, Women’s Health, Mastering your Fitness Mindset and I’ve even gone as far as to bring someone in to help people deal with finances as I know this can be a major cause of stress for people to deal with.

Each quarter I put on a team meet up where there’s only one intention – to have fun! It’s a great chance for me to meet you all in person but for the team to get together and have a laugh.

The main point I focus on with my clients is that whatever we do – is sustainable, so that you can do it for life – not just 8 weeks and a pic for the gram!

Ultimately I’ve worked to create The Break to Build Programme to changes the lives of my clients. Getting you from wherever you are right now – to where you want to be!

It won’t all be plain sailing and I’m very honest and open about that but it’s oh so worth it!

You might be reading this thinking – I need that Break to Build programme in my life.

If you’re interested in joining the team or looking more into what I do for my clients, you can find me on instagram or Facebook.


I’d love to speak to you about what it is you’d love to achieve.

KT x

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