A feel-good LGBTQI drama coming to cinemas (socially-distanced style) this month


With cinemas across the country set to open this month, we cannot wait to get our eyeballs on some new queer cinema. 

Stage Mother tells the story of a conservative Texas mother who inherits her recently deceased son’s drag club in the city and grows to understand his community while battling to save the venue he and his partner worked so hard for.

In a raucous and racy new environment, she begins to open up and find new meaning to her life, even becoming a mother-figure to the club’s flamboyant performers… until a surprise visit threatens to upend her new life. 

It’s directed by Thom Fitzgerald (GLAAD Media-winning The Hanging Garden, and lesbian road movie Cloudburst) and is the first UK film release to feature trans actress Mya Taylor since her award-winning debut in Tangerine. It also stars drag icon Jackie Beat, as well as an A-List Hollywood cast including Jacki Weaver and Lucy Liu (who made a splash last year with her queer erotic art).

Like camp classics The Birdcage and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Stage Mother is fearless, flamboyant and deliriously funny, and a delightful dash of optimism and acceptance in these trying times. So sling on your glad rags, throw on some glitter and glam, and let Stage Mother into your life immediately! 

Stage Mother will be in cinemas from 31 July. 

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