A song about sex with girls and religion? Happy Wednesday, everyone…


Lots Holloway has just released their fourth single of the year, Heaven Now, and we’re pleased to let you know it just happens to be their most queer one yet…

It’s all about “the ongoing turbulence between sexuality and religion”, explains Lots. The song frames a sexual partner as a God to be worshipped and explores the sin associated with same-sex relations from religious communities. 

“If they say that I’m a sinner, then so what? We’re in heaven now.” It’s an upbeat and soulful chorus, giving us our own queer hymn to blast.

After releasing a consecutive string of songs, Lots has yet again raised the bar with Heaven Now. It’s stuck in our heads and it shows how talented and playful Lots really is.

Here’s what Lots has to say about the track. 🏳️‍🌈

DIVA: Where did you get the idea to link religion and sexuality in the lyrics for Heaven Now?

LOTS HOLLOWAY: The idea originated during a trip to Belfast in 2018. I had gone over to Ireland to headline Belfast Pride. Everything about the weekend was incredible, aside from a particular group of religious individuals who stood outside City Hall with discriminating banners, signs and megaphone speeches, attempting to “enlighten us all” during the parade. 

The clear message they were aiming to convey was that, “the gays” will not be allowed into heaven – and I thought to myself, well, even if that were the case, so what… when we’re in the arms of someone we love, we feel like we’re in heaven, now. 

Thankfully they were drowned out by a beautiful and inventive drag queen, who conveniently set up a humongous speaker playing Gaga right in front of them.

Though the discrimination and even criminalisation of homosexuality in some religions and cultures is still so prevalent within our world today, I really didn’t want to write a preachy song. I wanted to create a joyous sounding, hymn-like song that empowered and united a community, by having fun with it. 

The lyrics in places are quite satirical, full of double-entendres and subtleties. I just wanted to be a bit cheeky. 

Where do you usually get the inspiration for your lyrics?

I used to pull inspiration from everything outside of me, other people’s stories and external sources, but now everything I’m writing comes from a personal experience. I’m much more open and honest about my own experiences in the world. Usually lyrics come from something my inner monologue has said. For example, my response to being in “heaven, now” – something inside me said, “That’s good, remember that”, and sure enough, it becomes a song. 

Do you feel a lot more free with your sexuality now that you’re exploring it more in your music? 

Free as the wind, baby! Music and fashion are the only ways I know how to express and explain myself. I’m an openly queer, androgynous, gender-free artist, and I think if someone was seeing me or hearing me for the first time, they’d probably get that. I’ve never ever supressed my sexuality as such, but I’m entirely willing to be transparent about everything now. 

How’s the fan reaction been to this more personal and intimate approach?

Overwhelming, actually. I always thought my fans would connect more to lyrics that clearly and unashamedly came from the heart, but not quite to this extent. Humans seem to have an innate ability to know when something is raw and real, and when they do more often than not they will begin to feel it too. That’s always been my aim in music, to connect with other humans. It’s pretty magical. 

Can you give us a hint of what the music video will be like using emojis? 


We can’t wait to see this music video if those emojis are anything to go by…

Make sure you listen to Heaven Now on Spotify and add it to all your sexy queer playlists.

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