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Sex toys: Some use ’em, some don’t

Did you know May is National Masturbation Month?


For women who also have sex with men, having a toy which replicates male anatomy may be totally fine, but for women who only have sex with other women?

Would it be better if toys marketed to WSW were of a simple shape which contoured to the female body? Perhaps a non-flesh colour? Do women who have sex with women (WSW) think that the sex toys available on the current market still fit their intended purpose?

After all, every woman is individual – and so their toy should be too.

As May is National Masturbation Month (in case you didn’t know already), at Birmingham LGBT we feel it’s important that we look at the use of toys for masturbation – if not to create a dialogue around it – but also to disarm any feelings of shame attached to women and masturbation. 

It is after all, a totally healthy, natural and safe way to enjoy your own private party!

Achieving orgasm through the use of toys can create a cocktail of oxytocin and dopamine which act as natural mood enhancers, boosting our mood and positively influencing our mental health all the while creating a positive catalyst for our sexual wellbeing #winwin, no?

It’s interesting, however, to question if the positive feeling that may come from using a toy is linked to the physical presence of that toy or the way it releases mood enhancers. 

Being able to have an open discussion about the use of toys with a sexual partner may help provide that strong foundation to a sexual relationship – be it casual or long term.

Having this safe space may in turn benefit sexual wellbeing and trust within sex more generally. 

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